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What is ScoopU?

 ScoopU is a Business-to-Business Transportation Lending Company that offers free ride sharing transportation for cities and college campuses.  


How does ScoopU scoop you?

 ScoopU will be scooping you through the utilization of Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs), or 6-seater golf cars. These vehicles can travel up to 25mph and manuever in ways your typical vehicle could not. 


Why ScoopU?

 When it comes to inter-campus transportation, ScoopU offers the most safe and efficient, yet unique and fun, opportunity for city and campus travelers.

News about ScoopU

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Mission Statement

 To be enablers of student-employment while providing unique, convenient and enjoyable city and campus transportation. 

Who We Are

 ScoopU, being founded by 5 college students, prides itself on looking out for and serving the better interest of each collegiate community. Through collaboration with experienced professionals, ScoopU has been able to identify and produce the most efficient form of inter-campus and inter-city travel while ensuring the safety of your community. We're ready to provide you a unique and efficient way to travel your campus in style. Are you? 

Goals & Aspirations

First, easier access to transportation for those who may be disabled or immobile and may find it difficult to get to and from their responsibilities. 

Next, it’s no secret that college students oftentimes struggle financially - we hope to be enablers of student-employment on campuses that join the ScoopU Team.

Student Involvement

 Enabling students and faculty to transport between on-campus buildings more efficiently should promote a rise in the students’ class attendance rate. 

We live in a day and age of convenience. It is our belief at ScoopU that if campuses were to make it more convenient for their communities to travel, it would promote personability.


Cities and campuses will be given the Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs) free of charge, sometimes being asked to take responsibility for day-to-day operations regarding the vehicles when and where agreed upon.

The institutions will be enabled to offer additional student-employment opportunities.