Goals and Aspirations


  • Easier access to transportation for those who may be disabled or immobile and may find it difficult to get to and from on-campus responsibilities. 

  • Next, it’s no secret that college students oftentimes struggle financially - we hope to be enablers of student-employment on campuses that join the ScoopU Team.

Student Involvement

  • Enabling students and faculty to transport between on-campus buildings more efficiently should promote a rise in the students’ class attendance rate. 

  • We live in a day and age of convenience. It is our belief at ScoopU that if campuses were to make it more convenient for their communities to travel, it would promote personability.


  • Colleges and Universities will be given the Low-Speed Vehicles (LSVs) free of charge, only being asked to take responsibility for day-to-day operations regarding the vehicles.

  • The institutions will be enabled to offer additional student-employment opportunities.